About Us

Living Alpha has a commitment to excellence, where we provide the best products and services on behalf of a noble mission: to make the world a better place. In doing so, we empower people to develop their full "Inner-Alpha" potential -- which is the first step towards realizing the highest possible goals. Dream It... Live It... Preserve It!!! These three principles, which are the unifying themes of Living Alpha, enable people to connect with one another, share experiences, and alleviate the fear of the unknown. This sense of independence and self-confidence is the ideal way to bring people together around the globe.

By combining micro-journal entries or autobiographical copy Alpha-Bits, Living Alpha is the centerpiece of a worldwide community of people "Living with an Adventurous, Loving, Positive, Healthy Attitude". Indeed, the very concept of Living Alpha is the result of a core set of beliefs: that people are, by their nature, generous; that they will help others, if given the opportunity to do so; and that, when inspired and properly motivated, they can achieve great success. Thus, Living Alpha creates relationships that transcend borders - we maximize the power of the web for the good of humankind - so people can support and encourage each other.

At Living Alpha, we believe that "Dreams you Set are Dreams you Get" -- and "A Life Worth Living is A Life Worth Journaling". So, go ahead and learn more about other people, activities, destinations - and perhaps even yourself? You can also post comments, and even ask people for their advice about the issues that matter most to you. Then, set a date and know that the next adventure you journal and preserve at Living Alpha may inspire others to live it as well.