2014 Corvette Stingray Precision Drive by

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Journal Notes

What a great day we enjoyed compliments of Chevrolet and their new Corvette Stingray Team. This was a first class event right from that very start a 7 AM. We were greeted to a great breakfast with egg sandwiches, and other great things like fruit and yogurt. But for me, the real cool thing was finally tasting a "Cronut" - The Half-Doughnut, Half-Croissant Pastry That New Yorkers Are Going Crazy For.
Put that together with a glass of fresh OJ and a double espresso and i was ready to take the wheel of one of these beautiful cars.

But first, we were treated to a full rundown of what we were going to do over the next non-stop action - 3 types of driving circuits we were going to experience over the next 5 hours or so.

As I said earlier, first class all the way. We had professional racecar drivers including Adam Andretti whose uncle was Mario guiding us and telling us exactly what to do to get the most out of these cars. We had every color to choose from, automatic or manual, you name it. I was able to get mine as fast as 126 MPH or 204 KM/hour for those of you in metric.

On a side note, and something I did not know... is that for those of you that love to race, you will be happy to know that this car is fully race ready from the factory and all warranties are covered even if you race it every Sunday.

My fathers company used to have a 1976 Stingray and ever since that young age, I have always wanted to have one. I think that this is the Corvette that is really going to bring this car back in the popular sports car category. After all these years, this is going back on my Dream List.

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