Beach Fashion That's Actually Great to Wear by

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Here in sunny south Florida, it’s already hot again. (Yes, I said hot, not warm). With the increasing temperatures here and the rest of the US pretty much being a freezer, beach season has snuck up on me another year. And of course I’m FAR from “beach body ready”. Even if I was, I’m still pretty self conscience, so I don’t really see there being much hope for me… LUCKILY, I stumbled across a chic wrap that’s more than a messy top that covers absolutely nothing or an ugly piece of cloth that looks super frumpy.

This wrap is rather interesting in that you it looks like a well designed dress once you have your arms in the appropriate arm holes. It quite fashionable actually, and great to wear anywhere along the beach or pool. I'm sure mines will get more use than I originally anticipated.

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keo keo

So good

Alan Alan

What is it called and where can you get it?

Vladimir F. Vladimir F.

Ohh! Behati Prinsloo