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Journal Notes

Today we spent over 4 hours at a Budapest Bath House where we went from Bath to Bath and tried all of them. Over 30 of them in all and a very clean place. You have to try the circular spa which takes you round and round at great speed just from water jets. Doing this when it was snowing was truly also an experience. Here is a great YouTube Video

A little History of the place:

Budapest can rightly be called the city of spas, and the Szechenyi Bath and Spa was its first thermal baths on the Pest side. At the time, back in 1881, it was called "Artesian Bath", and was only a temporary establishment. In 1913, it was converted into a permanent bath, and received its present name and most parts of its pretty yellow building complex. In 1927, beach sites, as well as public bathing departments for gentlemen and ladies were added. In 1960, another expansion added a group thermal section (for use in bathing suites), and a daytime outpatient hospital. The year of 1999 saw a complete reconstruction of the swimming pools. Water filtering and circulation devices were added, and the fancy bath received high standard equipment and modern elements. The renovation and reconstruction work continues, partially closing down different sections each year.
The bath receives its thermal water from the 2nd St. Stephan

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