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Clara’s Spaghetti Dinner in Chatham with Mike Neuts by

Journal Notes

Clara Hughes will stop in the town of Chatham on March 16th from 6pm to 9pm. She will be accompanied by Mike Neuts during this stop. Three years ago, Mike Neuts gave a presentation at my old high school, École Secondaire Marc Garneau at CFB Trenton. As the former president of the student council, I was fortunate enough to attend the presentation during the week against bullying.

I even had the chance to write a short editorial on his presentation for a French newspaper in Gloucester, The Express étudiant. From the beginning of his presentation to the end, Mike Neuts grabbed the attention of all the Marc Garneau students. Sadness, fear and anger are among the emotions felt during the presentation. Mike Neuts himself told us repeatedly that rage and pain would be felt in his voice during the presentation. There are fourteen years which separated him from death of his son at the time, but the gap of time does not seem to heal his wounds. This stop on her journey interests me a lot and I can not wait to hear about their conference.

The conference will be held in Chatham at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre and will be followed by a spaghetti dinner. This city is 50th on the list of largest cities of the province with a population of about 105,000 and a surface area of roughly 2,500 km2. It is renowned for its well-known hiking trails in the region and its white sandy beaches. After this stop, Clara will travel to Windsor.

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