High Heel Thrills by

Journal Notes

I have a LBD (little black dress) that I usually wear some strappy gold heels with, but I want to switch it up a little the next time I parade it out. So I decide to peruse online for ideas.

As always, trying to find the PERFECT foot attire is, well... tiresome!! Even more so when you’re picky about what you show off your little piggy’s in. This may sound weird, but I believe that the shoes I wear are an expression of who I really am. Except when it comes to one’s you’re forced to wear in a wedding. Smart people NEVER fight with a bridezilla over little things like shoes!! (That’s one fight you just let her win).

I came across this outrageous neon envelope clutch and my heart melted!! It was only $20. I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! And besides, I have all the accessories I need to complete this look already… except shoes.

For about three weeks at this point, I’ve been S.O.L. in the shoe department up until a few days ago. By some miraculous intervention I seen these babies!! According to FedEx, my shoes should be here tomorrow. Someone’s going to be looking fabulous sipping mimosa’s at brunch on Sunday =)

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