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Journal Notes

Surfing the gold coast was the most amazing experience, it truly was a once in a lifetime chance and we loved every minute of it, even the falling off! Arriving at surfers paradise was a bit like a dream as we had read so much about it and looked at so many pictures that standing on the beach was actually quite emotional. We decided to stay in an apartment rather than a hostel because it was the end of our trip and thought why not treat ourselves. So after trawling up and down the hundreds of beach front apartment blocks we settled on The Sands – which sounds posher than it was. For $150 a week it was a total bargain for a 1 bedroom apartment with separate lounge and kitchen and some awesome sea views from the balcony.

On our first day we had to hit the surfing so we rented a board and opted not to get any lessons and hit the sea, literally! We got some advice from the locals and realised we were using the wrong board we needed a long board instead of short to make it easier. So day 2, longboards under our arms we head into the waves and low and behold the first half foot wave that came my way I managed to kneel for a good 30 seconds before a knockout! With lots of practise and lots of face diving into the sea I managed a full stand for the whole length of a wave and it was the most amazing and liberating feeling I could have imagined, I felt like I had just reached the summit of Everest!

But the highlight of the surfing was yet to come, after a week of surfing for 3-4 hours a day we decided on the last day to surf at sunrise which many locals say is a heavenly experience, and having done it I totally agree. A 4am alarm was set and come 5am we headed onto the beach in darkness boards in arms, found a place to sit on the boards and watched the sun come up over the horizon. The calm feeling, the quiet and the realisation that every day the sun rises no matter what made us view our lives differently. When the sun was well above the horizon we began to paddle out to catch some waves and I really felt like nothing could touch me and the calmness and contentedness is indescribable.

1750 USD 500
Clear Skies!
Gold Coast, Australia

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