Taking Iron Hack 2 Day App Design Class at CIC Miami by

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Journal Notes

Today, we started a 2 Day Iron Hack App Design Class at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). Learn more about CIC here: https://tech.co/new-cambridge-innovation-center-will-boost-miami-startups-2016-11

This 2 day class is an introductory class meant to help us plan out Apps or Websites for User Testing and Interviewing prior to spending tons of money on actual development which might turn out to be different from what a user would like to experience. We would also be learning how to use such tools as InVision https://www.invisionapp.com/ and Figma https://www.figma.com/

It was a very organized event with Registration as you walked in the door at CIC. Great Panera Bread Breakfast of multiple bagels and many types of cream cheeses were available alongside coffee, tea and stacks of water bottles. A lunch of Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza and Sponsored Happy Hour was also provided.

The morning consisted mostly of an Introduction to Iron Hack and then a couple speakers telling us about the importance of Designing First! They were both extremely knowledgeable and had great information to share.

After we returned from lunch at the Venture Cafe on the CIC's 6th Floor, we started a session working with the first tool, Figma. This session lasted about 45 minutes to an hour.

Here I have to say, that for me, and at least most of the people around me, i could tell was way to fast for most of us to keep up. Unless you had taken some classes on Photoshop before that has some similarities in the way it is used, most people were lost the minute they took their eyes off the Teacher to re-create what he had designed up on the screen.

This happened to me on at least 4 or 5 occasions, but thanks to the swift aid from the super nice TAs that were flying about the room to assist us, I managed to complete what the Teacher had done to about 60% match.

If I was to make any suggestions, they might the following:

1) If it is possible to perhaps cut a little time off the speakers by 10 minutes each, and add this extra little time to learning the tools.
2) Although we were presented with a couple good scenarios and ideas by the teacher such as Tesla, I would personally have liked to work on a project or Idea of my own.

That said, I do also think that the value for the dollar can't be beat.

Thank you Iron Hack Miami

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