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What to do in St. Thomas, Ontario? – A Pit Stop for Clara Traveling through St. by

Journal Notes

Traveling through St. Thomas, Ontario? Then check out the many painted murals on the buildings going through downtown. It is a town where the major roads such as Highway 401 and our very own Canadian National Rail transportation routes go through and where you will see some of Canada's best farmlands. St. Thomas is about halfway between Toronto and Windsor. You may love popping in, to get some produce and a hot drink at the local farmers markets.

The Trans Canada Trail passes through St. Thomas as part of its cross country network of multi-use recreation trails for bicycling, hiking, horseback riding, cross country skiing and snowmobile riding. I think that because of this, St. Thomas is a great choice for Clara Hughes to make a pit stop.

Many small towns in Ontario have these larger than life statues. The one in St. Thomas is a giant elephant named Jumbo. As I read up on Jumbo, the real live Jumbo was part of the original Barnum and Bailey traveling Circus. This statue was erected in 1985 to mark the 100 year anniversary of the elephant's gruesome death, when it was accidentally hit and killed by a train. Well, Jumbo's memory lives on in this town's full size statue and you can drink a toast to it because St. Thomas' Railway City Brewery makes a special beer created in Jumbo’s memory.

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