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A Very Happy Ending and Canada Day for Clara Hughes and the Big Ride Team by

Journal Notes

It was a very Happy Ending and Canada Day for Clara Hughes and her Big Ride Team as they finished their monumental Big Ride of 12,000 kilometers across and around Canada today with a bang, quite literally with the fireworks, in the nation’s capital. She rolled on into the beautiful city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at around noon and jumped up on to the stage where she broadcasted her message of supporting mental health initiatives across Canada and the globe.

As always, Clara described her Big Ride as epic and rightfully seemed very proud of her journey "from coast to coast to coast". The thousands of fans on parliament hill roared and cheered in approval as she went over the key point of her Big Ride and how she wants every Canadian to take home a special memory or pride in what they do and how they can help the cause.

After her last official speech for her Big Ride, Clara made her way through the crowd to talk to fans. She was visibly exhausted from the demanding trek across the nation but still radiating with determination and her brilliant smile wanting to meet with as many fans a possible. She went through the streets of Ottawa, this time by foot, and met with even more fans and people outside all enjoying the Canada Day Celebration.

Clara Hughes and her team of cycling champions ceremoniously signed their last blue bike and honourably finished their Big Ride in the hope to have touched the hearts, and sparked the minds, of millions of Canadians nationwide.
Bike 12,000 kilometers around Canada… CHECK and WOW. Now She’s Kick’n It!!!

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