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After 169 km Biking - Beautiful Gifts Including Warm Weather for Clara Hughes in Saguenay by

Journal Notes

After 169 km biking under beautiful sun rays, Clara and her team traveled to the city of Saguenay today. Although the temperature was still in the negatives, at -1 degree Celsius, the athlete was still very happy with the weather. This as she said was considering the distance that needed to be travelled, and the demanding high speeds that were required to get there!

Clara then rode to the town of Chicoutimi to get to the learning center of puppetry. Here, she received, according to her, the best gift to date on her Big Ride. Clara received a puppet of herself that was very authentic and a beautiful little blue bike to accompany it. The latter made her very emotional and her eyes even watered up, with tears of happiness of course.

She also received a very nice gift from the youth at Rochebelle Secondary School earlier in the day - a blue jersey. The blue color represents her journey and message while the shirt itself represents excellence in athletics at the Francophone School. Clara has visited a long list of schools during her Big Ride and has stated that she thinks that our Canadian youth are a very important part of the ride. She also believes the next generation can truly erase the stigma.

The theatre group of the learning center then gave a special puppet show from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. It depicted the importance of acceptance and how everyone should be seen as equals. The show also did a great job at showing off, tastefully and beautifully, the talents of the mental health out-patients that use this learning center as a means of expression, education and freedom.

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