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After a Day’s Rest Clara Arrived in Kingston, Ontario by

Journal Notes

Travelling their longest distance to date, Clara and the team cycled for a total of 199 km before arriving in the city of Kingston, Ontario on March 24th. They experienced sunny but chilly weather with temperatures ranging from minus one to minus five degrees.
Clara hosted her sold out show in Kingston at the Ambassador Hotel & Conference Centre which is located in the heart of the downtown. The team was treated to amazing food and a slew of talented guest speakers. The night as a whole was inspiring and Clara continued to shine bright in this loving city.
After the ceremony, Concordia University announced that they will be awarding Clara Hughes with the Loyola Medal of Honour. Clara will be joining an elite group of recipients of this highly distinguished award which include people such as astronaut Roberta Bondar, Senator and Lieutenant General Roméo Dallaire, the late Oscar Peterson, and the late Governor General of Canada, Georges P. Vanier.
I had the chance of meeting with the Ms. Bondar during my month-long stay in Peterborough. She is an inspiring woman just like Clara, and has so many stories to tell. I hope to meet Clara Hughes someday too!
Next on the agenda for Clara and her Bell Let’s Talk team is visiting the city of Cornwall before leaving the province of Ontario and entering Québec where her first stop there will be in Montréal.

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