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After over 175km Biking - Last minute plans and my speculations confirmed for Clara’s stop in Sarnia by

Journal Notes

After a long journey of over 175km, Clara and her team arrived in the city of Sarnia. Along the way, she wrote on her Twitter account: “I will never forget the last 50km of our 177km Day 5 into Sarnia. So much support on the roads… Thanks to everyone!!!!”

I am very happy to announce that Clara is now writing these messages on social networks in French, and English alike, and she is determined to become completely bilingual! I had this same passion myself at the age of 10 years old. Being the only one in my family that did not speak French, I was determined to learn. Today I am proud to be francophone! In this regard, Clara received 55,400 messages on Twitter since her departure and 3000 in the last two days, many of which were French.

As I had anticipated in my last post on Sarnia, Clara took advantage of her free time to connect with fans on an individual basis and in groups. In addition, she also visited many sports complexes as I had guessed.

However, Clara surprised me and many others with a wonderful and unexpected trick up her sleeve. This “trick” of sorts was a last minute positive surprise stop at Lambton College, and inspired another group of youth and adults. The event took place at 5 p.m. and focused on the theme of mental health of students in post-secondary education. The college students and the adults that were present were very grateful for her presence and enjoyed the evening.

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