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Journal Notes

With our suitcases in hand, we stepped into the JFK International Airport ready for the horrendous 24+ hour trip back to Vietnam. The route was New York City to Dubai, Dubai to Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang, Da Nang to Hoi An (via car). Just as painful as it sounds. As we stepped off the escalator into the Check In area, my phone buzzed. “Your flight from NYC to Dubai has been delayed 3 hours.” I went through the transfer time in my head, realizing that gave us approximately 5 minutes between landing in Dubai and taking off again. As I ran up to the ticket desk, she confirmed the text and that we would most definitely miss our connecting flight.

Not only did we have to sit for another 3 hours in JFK (we were already there 4 hours early), but when we arrived in Dubai, there was going to be no plane waiting for us. But instead of being a traveler’s nightmare, the delay turned into a dream come true. Because the delay was Emirates’ fault, they would give us an entry visa, free hotel and free meal tickets for the entire 24 hours we were in Dubai.

13 hours after take off, we touched down in the United Arab Emirates (which you may or may not know isn’t the cheapest country in the world). But instead of losing all our hard earned money, we toured the country for an entire day on the airline’s dime. The hotel was perfect, the meals (provided inside the hotel) were tasty and filling, and we had a whole day to ourselves to see downtown Dubai. After a day of exploration, we took off for Vietnam well rested, well fed, and with another country under our belt. Now when someone asks me the best way to get to Vietnam, I just stick to the slogan: Fly Emirates!!

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