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Arrival for Clara Hughes in Edmonton, the Capital of Alberta, Canada also marks another Milestone by

Journal Notes

Skating and Olympics champion Clara Hughes arrived in Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, Canada on June 1st which also marks another milestone. From this Western Canada event, Clara has exactly a month until ending her Bell Let’s Talk Big Ride in the Capital of Canada: Ottawa. She still has 31 days of beautiful events of sport, skating, mental health and cycling left to go.

After Clara Hughes and her team of cycling champions travelled 120 kilometers with beautiful 20 degree weather, they successfully arrived at 2:30 p.m. at Mills Wood Park and were immediately surrounded with hundreds of excited and screaming fans. She stayed in this area for two and a half hours until 5 p.m. due to the amazing amount of supporters that came out to see her and speak about sport and mental health.

Her night event at Delton Edmonton started a little later than planned, at 7 p.m. and also ended a half an hour later a 9 p.m. The mental health event was titled celebrating success and all about recognizing the beauty in achieving happiness after recovery and rehabilitation. It was also held to celebrate the success of her previous fundraisers, the city’s efforts, volunteers and her team of champions, sport performances, cycling, skating and, of course, her many roles in the Olympics.

This event was very exciting for me as I just visited this city just under a month ago for a volleyball competition. The region of Edmonton is absolutely beautiful and I loved my trip there. The West Edmonton Mall, its roller coasters, the University Campuses and the beautiful sights made my trip so uplifting. I definitely plan on returning to Western Canada in my future travels!

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