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Big Success for her first Quebec Stop – Clara arrived in Montréal with a BANG! by

Journal Notes

From Cornwall to Montréal, Clara travelled 102 kilometres with an average temperature of -9 degrees. The frigid temperature did not even faze the athlete. In fact, she even went as far as saying that she loved the Canadian weather and has yet to come across some serious challenges with the weather. Back in Hamilton, Clara has said: “I will ride through anything to bring this conversation to the next community” and I believe she will be sticking to this statement!

On her first day in Montréal, Clara travelled a total of 35 kilometres around the beautiful island visiting fans and cycling to natural and tourist attractions. Along with performances by Coeur de Pirate and Serena Ryder, the sold out Bell Center was filled with inspired fans that also got to experience speeches from Canadian Olympic figure skater - Joannie Rochette, Clara’s Husband Peter and many other well known public figures. Just like on all her other stops, Clara enthralled the crowd with her inspiring messages and the words she used to convey it.

During the second day, Clara went to Concordia University and to l'École Secondaire Cavellier de Lasalle (High school). At Concordia, she received their “Loyola Medal”. This medal is given to an inspiring Canadian public figure every year. At the Cavellier de Lasalle High School, Clara met up with loving students that also got the chance to be inspired by her words of wisdom and presence.

Just like in Cornwall, this section of the Big Ride did not go without gifts. This time, Clara and her husband received a beautiful edible arrangement from the Delta Hotel that they stayed at.

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