Calgary Marriott Downtown - Review - Paper Thin Walls / Fake Breakfast Up-sell Tactics at Check-In! by

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Calgary Marriott Downtown Review - BEWARE - Paper Thin Walls and Fake Breakfast Upsell Tactics at Check-In!

We will never stay at this Calgary Marriott again due to the noise and we are seriously considering changing our preferred chain of hotels at which we stay following the terrible customer service experience we had and which seems to go at least as high as the hotel manager.

First – Although are clean and pleasantly appointed in the usual Marriott way, the walls and windows are like paper thin. This to the point that you can hear people going to the restroom in the next rooms and then clearly hearing everybody talking as they walked up and down the halls and then the sound of doors all closing very loudly as they are going in and out of their rooms at all hours of the night. We would even feel the room vibrate at times.

Second - and more importantly, we were offered to take care of a special up-sell package at the time of our check-in that consisted of free buffet breakfast and high-speed internet all for only $30 extra per night or $125/night excluding parking.

We always review the idea of getting these services when booking our reservations but we often prefer to just buy fruits and water for our room as we try to eat healthy and it also keeps us more flexible to start our days earlier since we are always ready to go by the time breakfast time starts.

But this young lady was so nice that we could not say no and since we were already starving and ready for dinner, her description of the fruits and other good stuff had our mouths watering. All happy with our usual great check-in experience and knowledge that we did not have to worry about shopping for our breakfast we brought our luggage to our rooms and set out for dinner.

It was when we returned and saw we had a message waiting that we called down and were informed that our room rate had been changed to $125/night but that this only included internet? Excuse me sir, I told him, but the young lady on our check-in clearly stated that it included the buffet breakfast. He put me on hold and asked me if she said 1 breakfast or 2. I said our reservation is clearly for 2 adults and she said free buffet breakfast. I don’t think she was expecting us to eat apart? He put me on hold again and came back saying that after speaking to the manager, he said that they would do it for an extra $15 or now $140. I hold him I wanted to go back to my original reservation price and to cancel all up-sells.

I have no idea how this can happen. What terrible customer service. I don’t know if it is the young lady that made the mistake as she is new or if it is a normal tactic that they try with all people that check in, or even if it is maybe the manager that is trying to pocket some extra money, but we think that these guys had no clue! After all it was not us that sold breakfast on ourselves?

It was in a great location right across the street from the Calgary Tower and is the reason for 2 suns, but there are so many hotels to choose from in the area, and the next 2, “Tonquin Inn” in Jasper and the “Best Western Premier” next to Calgary Airport where we stayed at were just completely Kick’n It compared to this Calgary Marriott!!! 2 Suns/5

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