Caribbean Cruise: A Day in Grand Turk by

Journal Notes

Grand Turk is a port that I have only visited 3 times. It is also one of my favorite places in the Caribbean. There are three very distinct bars on the beach that seem to draw the most people. One of them we simply call the red umbrella bar, because of the bright red umbrellas that you can see from the ship. The other two each have a specific place in my heart. One is of course Margaritaville and the other is Jack's Shack.

If you're looking for a nice relaxing day on the beach, Jack's Shack is the place to be. You have to walk all the way down the beach to reach it, but it is well worth the extra effort. I am always entertained by Jack and most especially by the resident dog, Topher. Topher even tried to save my life once. One of my friends picked me up, ran towards the water, and threw me in. Topher was man enough to come running behind him barking his protests and to check on me once I made a splash down. For his bravery, (and Jack's drinks), I had to contribute to Topher's Education Fund jar on the bar.

The other place to be is Margaritaville. This is party central and it never fails to exceed your expectations. When I'm in a party mood, Margaritaville keeps me entertained with their swim up bar, dance and drinking contests, and my #1 favorite, The Flowrider. If you want to know what the Flowrider is all about and why it's so entertaining take a look at the video. Not a single one of us could stay on our feet or our boards, we were sore for weeks after, and we still couldn't wait to go back.

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Chavonda Chavonda

Sorry haven't been around, but yes I am human. @ Pedro I never actually saw the airport, but I can imagine it would be small and crowded. It's a pretty small (as in inhabitants) place. Glad you enj

Jive Jive

Checking to see if the person that posted this is actually human.

Pedro Pedro

I was there last summer, It was fantastic!!! The only issue was the airport. It's too small and crowded.