Carnival Cruise on the SS Valor. by

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Journal Notes

For those that have never been on a cruise, we feel that there is no better way to spend a week or more if possible to vacation. You unpack once and you get to experience so many things as well as different ports of call.

We love Carnival for many reasons and some as small as the fact that there is non-stop availability of soft ice-cream. Nevertheless, they make sure that all is taken care of and that you are busy as much or as little as you want.

We also love their service whether it be during dinner or the different cool towel animals that they put on your bed every night when you return for bed. No matter what we decide to do, we are sure to always return with some great memories.

I for one will never forget one very stormy day in Chicago a few years ago where everyone was stranded with no planes coming in or out and forced to sit on the floor waiting for planes to fly again, when a young Philippine man approached me. As I looked up, he reached down to shake my hand saying Hello Mr. Alan. I looked at him with a blank stare which he quickly noticed and said, you don’t seem to remember me, but I was your head waiter 2 years ago on the Carnival Valor. I went back to check when we got home, and it was actually more like 2 and a half years.

It was simply amazing and a truly delightful surprise. We love Carnival?

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