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Clara Hughes and her Team of Cyclists Roll into London after another 102km by

Journal Notes

The team of cyclists led by Clara Hughes continued with their lucky streak of beautiful weather today while travelling from Sarnia to London. This 102km trip took them just over five hours, and that is including their lunch break and occasional stops to take selfies*.

Clara stopped at St-Patrick high school and talked to its students about the importance of speaking up, and just how critical it is for the next generation. This stop took place on route to London.

Upon arriving in London, Ontario, she was greeted by an amazing welcome at the local Canadian Tire store. The building was packed wall to wall with supporters hoping to get a chance to speak with the athlete. Being the extremely generous and passionate speaker that she is, Clara spent hours in and outside of the store talking to her loyal and dedicated fans. Even the local police wanted in with Clara by giving her a couple of snickers chocolate bars!

After her exciting welcome, Clara was ready to kick-off her “London, Let’s Talk” conference at 5 p.m. in the Western Fair District located at 315 Rectory Street. Through the power of live feeds and social media buzz that I reviewed, I was completely electrified by her talk, and this, even though I was not present. She wasted no time and went straight to the point, saying that as a country, we need to communicate. This is the first time that Clara has been so vocal about this portion of the problem and based on the positive response she received, I think she will continue to do so for the rest of her Big Ride.

On a very exciting (well at least for me) side note today, I wanted to mention that I tweeted about my literary series on the Big Ride and just how inspired I was by Clara and everything she has done for mental health. I also directly messaged her telling her just how much of a role model she has become for me over the past couple of weeks and that I am having a great time following her journey. A few hours later, I was ecstatic when Clara favoured my tweet! And to my readers, I hope you are able to experience this same joy and it truly is a pleasure to write for you.

*selfies: a selfy is a picture that you take of yourself or of yourself with a group, without getting someone else to take the picture.

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