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Clara Hughes Arrives in Fredericton After 99 Kilometers of Biking! by

Journal Notes

The Bell Let’s Talk Team directed by the inspiring Clara Hughes cycled into the Fredericton Government House at 3 p.m. on April 8th as planned.

Despite the constant drizzle of rain that showered the team of Big Ride Brigade Cyclers during the 99 kilometer stretch from Woodstock, Clara Hughes was smiling ear to ear upon her arrival in the capital of New-Brunswick.

She met with hundreds of fans that shared her vivacious smile. They were all stoked to see the Olympic athlete and share in her presence. Clara signed another one of the symbolic community blue bikes and launched one more initiative today regarding these symbols of mental wellness. She is asking all members of the nation, whether on one of her Big Ride stops or not, to paint a bike blue in support of erasing the stigma surrounding mental health. I am truly inspired by this gesture and I plan on doing something to support the cause myself.

After greeting the fans throughout many of Fredericton’s streets, Clara Hughes made her way back to her Big Ride tour bus to get ready for the second annual Woman and Wellness Event. This special event was held from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and included several other inspiring women, young and old that celebrated and shared their mental health stories. Whether in recovery or on their way to it, this event was truly stigma-free and full of heart jerking, emotional testimonials. Everyone in the room shared two things: having gone through an amazing journey, whether it was difficult or smooth, towards better mental health and the ability to listen to others without making any negative judgements.

The event was a true success and really helped Clara Hughes see that she is truly making steps in the right direction with her Big Ride Cause!

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