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Clara Hughes arrives in the City of Truro after Cycling 166 Kilometers by

Journal Notes

After cycling another 166 kilometer long segment of her Big Ride, Clara Hughes arrived in the town of Truro at around 4 p.m. on April 14th. Although she did not have a planned greeting, several fans lined the streets hoping to get a glimpse of the Canada Olympics Cycling and Skating Sports Champion. To their pleasant surprise, they received a lot more than just a glimpse but one on one talks, autographs and salutations with the cycling spokeswoman.
Clara might have been exhausted from the 166 kilometer ride but did not complain about the constant drizzle of rain that lightly showered here and the Bell Let’s Talk Cycling Team. On the contrary, she was very pleased with the plus two and three temperatures that she experienced along with the magnificent views when crossing over from Prince Edward Island to her first stops in Nova Scotia: Truro.
To get to this stop on the 33rd day of her Big Ride, Clara Hughes travelled by bike across the famous Confederation Bridge and took a few moments to stop and marvel at the ocean life and the beautiful calm waters. She and her husband have travelled across the Confederation Bridge before, but never while cycling. This was a really great moment for the couple and all of the fans that are sharing these amazing experiences with them.
From 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Clara and her team of cyclers participated in skating in public with other families at Truro’s biggest ice skating rink, The Colchester Stadium. Clara gave a couple of mental health talks but her main goal for this event was to meet with as many fans as possible and to have fun on the second public skating event of her Big Ride.

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