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Clara Hughes Crosses the Quebec – New Brunswick Border – Visits her first two Stops being Edmundston by

Journal Notes

Clara arrived in Edmundston on April 5th late in the afternoon. After travelling 157 kilometers from Rimouski, Québec, Clara and her team were tired but ready for the next event.

The first New-Brunswick crowd was absolutely electrifying according the Clara Hughes and her husband Peter Guzman. The weather on the other hand was quite a vast array jumping around from low negative to highs between -10 and 5 degrees while crossing the Québec-NB border.

Upon her arrival at the Edmundston Youth Center, Clara had signed over one hundred autographs and taken even more pictures with fans, and that is only what I could see from her social media pages of those who posted about their experience.

After a well deserved resting day on April 6th and the chance to visit all the cute little boutiques and nature areas that Edmundston had to offer, The Bell Let’s Talk Big Ride Team made their way through a traitorous terrain while rolling for 185km. The sunny weather was rather mocking with winds whipping at over 60 kilometre gusts head-on. Even so, Clara loved the experience and was thankful for the chilly but bearable -3 degree temperatures.

Arriving in Woodstock late in the afternoon, Clara freshened up and then travelled to the Best Western Plus. Once there, she experienced a very unique wine and cheese tasting coming only from the region’s finest connoisseurs. The event was scheduled to finish at 9:30pm, but as usual, Clara went a little over time to just past 10!

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