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Clara Hughes - Feeling and Looking Great in Trois-Rivières – A Second Resting Day for her and the te by

Journal Notes

The team arrived safe and sound in Trois-Rivières on March 29th after travelling 150 kilometers where they were greeted by hundreds of French fans. Some people came in from all over the nation to meet up with the 41 year old athlete and her Bell Let’s Talk team.

After dolling up with some fresh clothes and putting on a little make-up, Clara set off to her mental health gathering conference. Dressing up and being “girly” is a very important part of her Big Ride and she has not been ashamed to say so. Clara is a strong supporter of natural beauty but ultimately, she just wants everyone to be happy throughout the day and simply feel great about themselves no matter what life may throw at them.

Clara kicked off her event at 5 p.m. with special guest Michel Mpambara. The stellar comedian made the crowd roar and laugh in approval and entertained them for just over an hour. He even proposed to the athlete as part of a skit. Of course, being married, Clara just laughed him off and jumped into a speech of her own.

In this segment of her Big Ride, Clara’s speech focused on the importance of feeling good about ourselves. As mentioned earlier, Clara Hughes puts a lot of importance on her appearance and loves looking pretty for special events. Keeping this in the back of our minds, the true message she wants to deliver is that everyone can be happy in their own skin no matter what they have gone through and, we all deserve to feel good - day in - day out!

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