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Clara Hughes in Kingston, Ontario - The largest Ontario Event and Visit in March. by

Journal Notes

The Kingston visit will be the largest stop to date for the Olympian. Without a designated closing time, the night will be long but energizing.

This stop will also include the largest number of speakers with eight personalities including Clara. These speakers include Nicholas Axa, Lori Faggiani, Alex Martin, Tom Edgerton, Dr. Wendy Craig, Dr. Jennifer Davidson- Harden and Sarosh Khalid-Khan. Miss. Faggiani is the Community Champion of the city and Special Events Coordinator at “University Hospitals Kingston Foundation”. The conference will focus on depression in Canadian youth, but also include other topics related to mental health.

The entrance fee for this event is $12 for students, $ 20 for adults and $ 40 for families (max three). All proceeds from this event will go to the research of juvenile depression done by Providence Care. This special occasion will be held at the Ambassador Hotel & Conference Center at 1550 Princess Street, Kingston.

Kingston is located about half way between Toronto and Montreal with a population of 123,000 and an area of 1 900km2. There are several things that one can do in Kingston. 45 minutes from my parents who live in Trenton, Ontario, I had the chance to visit this beautiful community on several occasions. Near the Ambassador Hotel on Princess Street, the Cataraqui Mall can be found. With nearly 150 stores, shops and restaurants, this shopping center is a very popular tourist spot in the region and one of my favourites! The region also includes several athletic facilities and trails. Queen's University, listed eighth on the list of Canadian universities out of 97, is also located in this city. Tourists can also enjoy its Thousand Island cruises.

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