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Clara Hughes in Peterborough - An Eventful Visit Followed by a Day of Resting! by

Journal Notes

Clara spent the 9th and 10th day of her 12,000 km journey in Peterborough, Ontario. To get to the beautiful city, Clara and her cycling team traveled 96km in blustery weather. For the first time on the tour, the team experience some flurries and blowing snow.

These two days were filled with excitement and high profile events. The main talk of her visit was held at Fleming College on the 22nd of March and was the first black tie event for Clara and her team! She spent the night talking to students and adults about the importance of her ride and what they can do to help her achieve her ultimate goal eliminating the stigma. The event was of utmost success getting raving reviews from the students and sending the social media bandwagon on a frantic frenzy. Clara also launched the sales of her Big Ride official jerseys. They cost $75 for the full jersey and $35 for the technical t-shirt. All proceeds will go to the Kids Help Phone Foundation.

On the 10th day of the tour, Clara had a well deserved resting day. Her and the Bell Let’s Talk team made the most of their day off their bikes and explored the beautiful sights that Peterborough has to offer. After several coffees early in the morning, Clara made her way to the downtown core where she visited different shops and met with fans along these picturesque nature locations. Despite the cold weather, Clara made the most of her day off but says she is excited to start rolling again. She will head off to Kingston late in the morning on March 24th.

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