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Clara Hughes Stops in Sarnia - Imperial City of Ontario by

Journal Notes

Clara will briefly stop in Sarnia on March 18 at 6 PM. She did not plan any talks in this city, but will probably use her free time to visit the city and connect with fans. Clara and her team did not specify where they would visit in the city, but I think we can speculate that they will visit the most famous places of the imperial city.

Among other things, this city is known for its diversity, large parks and beautiful downtown core. This city also has an elaborate cornucopia of cycling paths. Sarnia is in partnership with Bicycle-Lambton. This company ensures the safety of cyclists and informs motorists on the importance of sharing the road with all sorts of vehicles and pedestrians.

The city offers many other attractions. Clara will probably visit some of its wonders. These sites include Canatara, Centennial and Germain parks, athletic centers, swimming pools, community centers and skating rinks.

Even though there is nothing set in stone, I think that Clara might even take a little break from her bike and enjoy some time to visit the rink and athletic center to reconnect with her other passions further inspiring the athletes and youth of the town!

In addition, the City of Sarnia is renowned for its shops and restaurants. Like anyone, Clara and her team will have to eat, and I think that as an athlete, she will take the opportunity to go out discover healthy restaurants such as Tree House Coffee, The Vintage Tavern and The Red Pepper. These restaurants are unique to the region and provide healthy, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menus. Bon appétit Clara and tourists!

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