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Clara Hughes to arrive in Rimouski - Last Stop in the French Province of Quebec by

Journal Notes

Clara Hughes and her team of blue Bell Let's talk cyclists arrive in Rimouski on the 4th of April. She plans on arriving in the city at 2 p.m. and go to the BMO bank at 2:30 p.m. to be greeted by hundreds of supporters in the region.

Among this crowd to greet our athlete Clara will be Nathalie Dumais, the community champion for this stop. Ms. Dumais is the Director of the Canadian Association for Mental Health, “Bas-Du-Fleuve” division located in Rimouski. This summer, the association will celebrate 50 years in the region.

Accompanied by Nathalie Dumais, Clara will travel to an event presented by the Canadian Association for Mental Health. Once there, Clara will meet other fans and stay with in their company until 8 p.m. There will be several special guests who will also be in attendance at the event. This city is well equipped in terms of mental health. It has several rehabilitation centers, clinics and health centers such as the White House.

In addition, Clara will give several speeches throughout the afternoon and evening. The “Bas-Du-Fleuve” division of the association is located at 315 Avenue Rouleau Rimouski, but the event will be held in the Community Room Terrace at Arthur-Buies 387 Passereux, Rimouski.
Rimouski has a population of 46,000 people and an area of approximately 400 km2. There are several beautiful natural places to visit in this area such as its canyons, Île Saint-Barnabé, the aboriginal gardens and the Bic National Park.

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