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Clara's Big Ride - Toronto Day 1

Clara Hughes starts today a phenomenal 110 day journey cycling around Canada today at Maple Leaf Square in downtown Toronto. She is a true Canadian hero, winning 6 Olympic Gold medals in both Summer and Winter Olympics for cycling and speed skating, among her many athletic accomplishments. It is an energetic start in Toronto at Maple Leaf Square, where over 300 people are outside in the cold wind and sun clapping and cheering to support her send off.

Clara's Big Ride is directing a spotlight on the topic of mental health, something that affects us all at some time or another. The purpose of this journey is to finally remove the stigma of people with mental health challenges. The national conversation and publicity sponsored by Bell Canada can help bring sensitivity and drastic change to the way we think about mental health.

Common stresses of everyday life can become a mental health issue. It is the hope of Clara's Big Ride to spark up the conversation so that good guidance about mental health can be introduced and more people can benefit from improved awareness of their state of mind and well being.

Clara is charged up for the ride and I will be sharing my perpsective on her journey here on LivingAlpha.

Clara is accompanied by about 50 cyclists today on her way to Hamilton - GO GO GO CLARA!

In Hamilton this evening there is a welcome event at the Bank of Montreal at 50 Bay St., Hamilton. After that an event "Journey Through Discovery" hosted by Hamilton's branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Chilly, a bit of wind with SUN
Maple Leaf Square, Toronto

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