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Journal Notes

Today Clara Hughes turns the first major corner in her journey around Canada going from Windsor to Sarnia, Ontario. From here it is a ride going up and out to our far east coast in the Maritimes.

Having tested some ideas in my journals here on LivingAlpha, what matters most to children and young adults that are Clara's best fans? Cheering on Clara of course!

Here is a fun activity:

Invite someone who you look up to, knows you well, and gives you good advice in life, like an older brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or parent. Together come up with ideas of things that you love to do and make you happy.

Get a small pad of paper and a pen. On a sheet of paper, write down two things to think about or do that put you in a good mood. Roll up the paper like a pencil and put it in a cup, mug, or small box. Keep writing a couple things on the next piece of paper and roll it up placing it in the mug until you have filled it up. When you are done, place the cup on a shelf in your room, like your night table beside your bed.

Add your designs and coloring to each of the drawings or tie the rolled paper with a string or ribbon and decorate the container. Get creative!

When you need good advice, run your fingers over the paper rolls in the box and pick one out. Be sure to include one paper roll so that it looks different from the others and on it write down your trusted persons name and telephone number so its there if you need to call them.

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