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Clara’s First stop in New Brunswick - Edmundston by

Journal Notes

Clara begins her tour of the province of New Brunswick in Edmundston on April 5. She will also visit the cities of Woodstock, Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton in this province before going to Prince Edward Island on April 11th in Summerside.

In Edmundston, Clara will meet with the community champion Miguel LeBlanc, who is the director at the Hudson Creative Agency. This agency has recently partnered with several mental health centers to create works of art that are very unique and filled with deep emotions from their patients.

These works will be exhibited at the conference hosted by Clara in this region at the Cité des Jeunes (Youth Center) A.-M. - Sormany, 300 Martin Street, Edmundston. She will make various speeches throughout the day on a variety of subjects linked to mental health. Clara will also share the stage with several other dignitaries who live in the area. There will also be free refreshments and community information sessions on the stigma related to mental health problems along with ways to fight and eliminate it.

This city, located in the Madawaska region of the province of New Brunswick, is the first stop in the Maritimes for Clara Hughes and her team of cyclists. With a population of 17,000 and an area of about 900 square kilometers, the city of Edmundston includes plenty of nature areas and wonderful tourist places. From an athletic standpoint, Madawaska and Edmundston include several sports centers and complexes including the Saint-Jacques Palladium and Saint-Basile Arena. One can also find many other arenas, athletics, soccer and baseball fields as well as indoor track and field centers, swimming pools accompanied by aquatic centers and rock climbing walls.

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