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Clara’s Hughes Big Ride has begun – Maple Leaf Square, Toronto by

Journal Notes

Clara began her Big Ride across Canada today on March 14th, 2014 at the Maple Leaf Square in downtown Toronto. Accompanied by her group of cyclists, all proudly wearing their blue Bell Let's talk, Clara's Big Ride jackets, they departed from the City of Toronto at noon on route to Hamilton. They will travel 80 kilometres to meet the community champion in Hamilton and all of Clara’s fans. Allison Hibbett is the community champion of this city and the director of the Center for Mental Health in the region.

In Toronto, thousands of people gathered to celebrate the departure of Clara and the dreams of the 41 year old athlete. Before her departure, she reminds her fans to remember the ultimate goals of her journey and to support her actions to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. She also ensures them that she is ready for the big ride.

Clara did a series of tests in Oshawa this week to practice travelling in bad weather conditions. Today, with a temperature of three degrees in Southern Ontario and sunny skies, she is not too worried. In less than two hours, she will end up in Hamilton where she will be greeted by thousands of other fans!

3 degrees and sunny! Perfect for Clara
Maple Leaf square, Toronto

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