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Clara’s visit in Cornwall - Last stop in Ontario before June by

Journal Notes

Students invigorated Clara and her team after a frigid ride of 156 km from Kingston to Cornwall with temperature of -7 degrees and headwinds. Clara arrived at the Holy Trinity High School just before 4 p.m. on March 25th and met with hundred of students from grades 9 through 12. The youth of today cherish moments like these with inspiring Canadians like Clara and her dedicated Bell Let’s Talk team.

On this part of her tour across Canada, she received yet another sweet gift. It was given to her by Chief Brian David of Cornwall Island and is a braided piece of sweet grass from the aboriginal area of the city.

Canadians and fans around the globe had a chance to experience Clara’s powerful words through a live stream audio feed and transcripts during her visit today. The phrase that struck me the most was towards the beginning of her speech when she stated: “It isn't about medals, or houses, or money - it's how you feel inside.”

During her second stop, also at a High School, Clara stopped to speak to yet another crowd of young minds in Akwesasne. There, she participated in a community Question and Answer period, responding to a large variety of different questions that entranced her audience with deep words and discussions.

One of my favourite parts of the Akwesasne visit was when Clara expressed her opinion on medications for mental health problems and how the ultimate medication is often getting help or freeing yourself of toxins through a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising. Clara is truly an inspiration and I am glad to be able to share the same views with such an icon.

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