Cruise Ship Crew: Nassau Overnight by

Journal Notes

If you've ever been on a cruise that overnights in a port, you may know what's coming. Overnight! It's the magic word that gets the blood pumping for any cruise ship crew member. An overnight is a chance to experience another little piece of normal life during the long months away from home. In the grand scheme of things, life aboard a ship means visiting places in the day time and sailing the ocean at night.

One port that never fails to entertain at night is Nassau, Bahamas. Just the idea of an overnight in Nassau will have the crew running around like mad dogs, but there is a method to the madness. The night before an overnight, means a practically empty crewbar. Everyone is saving their energy, (and livers), for the night to follow. In the place of hello and a smile, the I-95 is filled with greetings that consist of "Bambu tonight?" or a simple exclamation of "Overnight!". To get the night started, it is mandatory to meet in the crewbar for cheap drinks before heading out for the night.

At this point everyone is ecstatic, appropriately buzzed, and ready to hit the dance floor. Many a good, bad, and crazy memory has been made in Bambu. From joining the bartenders behind the bar to romantic trysts on the semi-secluded roof. I, along with many of the crew, have enjoyed packed dance floors, a romantic rendezvous or two, and plenty of jager. I think the photos give a pretty good idea of what to expect. When the lights go up around 4 am, it's time to head off to bed or wander down the road to McDonalds for a little early morning snack.

What happens in Bambu, will never stay in Bambu. In fact, it will be the talk of the ship at least until the next overnight rolls around. A word to the wise While you're living it up in Bambu, beware the Papparazzi or your 15 minutes of fame may come with a laughing stock label.

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