Enjoying One of the Best Beaches in Thailand, Maya Bay by

Journal Notes

After hearing that the scenes from the movie 'The Beach' were filmed at Maya Bay on Phi Phi island in Thailand I knew I had to go there.
I was picked up at my hotel and taken to a pier where a large group of us jumped on a speedboat and headed for Phi Phi. Once we arrived we squeezed our boat in between about fifty other boats and jumped out into the sand and sun.
As it was high season the sheer amount of people was a little disappointing but that didn't take away from the beautiful vista of bright blue water that was laid out in front of us. As soon as you look around you will recognise the beach from the movie the two large towering mountains that look like gateways to the ocean, the crystal blue water and the lush light brown sand.
With our limited time I took a quick walk into the jungle and was surprised to find a few little shops and bars all putting out a very cool, chilled vibe. A bit more bush walking along some paths and I was back at that beautiful view again.
A few friends and I took as many creative photos as we could, but I'm still stumped as to how people get those beautiful photos of this place without having people in them ! There was so many !
Unfortunately our time to enjoy the view was only short but the memory of this one will stay with me forever.

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