European Travel: My Summer in Prague by

Journal Notes

European travel, or any international travel, is not in the cards for most eight year olds. Like I do for all my traveling, I have my dad's job to thank for the amazing experience of briefly living in Prague for a summer. He was working on League of Extraordinary Gentlemen at the time, and I remember that he was once mistaken for Steven Spielberg on his way to the set by a group of excited onlookers. That was something I'd be telling my friends about at recess. But this trip gave me more than playground cred, it gave me memories that will last a lifetime.
You had to walk everywhere. I don't remember seeing a single car. But that was part of the charm! You would walk down the cobbled streets and take in everything you saw, all of the beautiful architecture. Somehow, not driving made me feel like less of a tourist. It felt like I was really living there, just taking a walk down the streets
Then there were all of the castles. Castles had only existed in fairytales to me up until that point, and it was amazing to see them in the flesh. And the train rides to the castles. I don't think I'd ever been on a train before then, and I found that almost as exciting as the castles themselves. There was one particular castle that we went to that had a man with a few large birds outside, charging you for a chance to hold one. I can't believe that I can say that I held a falcon outside of a castle in Prague.
When I look back on this trip, it amazes me to think that I very likely could have stayed in Prague forever. I was young, there wasn't really anything tying me to America. Sure, I had friends, but a love of the city could outweigh that at that age. I spent enough time there that I considered it a home, and a part of my heart will always remain there.

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