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Goals Achieved for Clara Hughes and her Spinning Fans in Quebec City by

Journal Notes

With a temperature of -2 degrees, Clara Hughes and her team travelled a total of 102 kilometers from “Trois-Rivières” or Three Rivers in English to Québec City, the very beautiful capital of the province of Québec. She rode the last two kilometers with a team of athletes and military personal from the Valcartier Base where she stopped briefly before arriving at her destination.

During her ride, Clara Hughes has been filming small video clips of just a few minutes each titled “Minutes with Clara” and “Ask Clara” in which she explains her daily activities or answers questions from fans. I found the last couple of segments to be very interesting, they depicted the weather and how she and the team eat while rolling on from city to city. Clara explains to her viewers and fans that she very rarely stops to eat on cold days but instead get’s handed small bite-sized sandwiches from the Bell Let’s Talk tour car.

(I think we can remove this last part since if they are bit sized, she should not need 2 hands – just adds confusion and then rides on while eating them with one hand and steering with the other.)

Upon her arrival at Québec City’s University Institution of Mental Health, Clara watched hundreds of teams of stationary bike cyclists roll for the cause and raise awareness for mental health. Their goal was to ride a total of 12,000 kilometers during the day from noon to 7 PM and which represents the 12,000 kilometers that Clara and her team will be cycling in the next three months.

In fact, as of this point on April 1st in her big ride, Clara has exactly three months left to go before rolling into Ottawa on July 1st. After just a few hours of cycling, the participants already had rode 7,000 kilometers and achieved their goal within a few more.

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