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Instead of Cycling, our Olympic Champion Clara Hughes, Travels by Plane Over the Canadian Arctic by

Journal Notes

Instead of only cycling these past few days, our Olympic champion Clara Hughes, and her Big Ride team had to travel by plane over the Canadian Arctic from Iqaluit to Yellowknife and then from Yellowknife to Inuvik.

On May 3rd, Clara visited Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut, where she met with hundreds of locals. She was pleasantly surprised with the warm weather when cycling into the Northern Canadian city. After this visit, Clara and her team of champions travelled by plane to another capital city. This time, they visited the capital of the North-West Territories, Yellowknife.

The city of Yellowknife has a population of just fewer than 20,000 and a surface area of 136 square kilometers. This beautiful Northern city is also home to several tourist attractions and icy locations that are truly breathtaking. The Aurora Borealis is one of the beautiful spectacles that this region has to offer. It also has a variety of trails and parks such as the Niven Lake Trail and the Prospectors’ Trail.

The Olympic Champion and her Bell Let’s Talk Team visited this part of Canada from May 4th to the today the 6th.

She will then be travelling this afternoon of May 6th to arrive in the town of Inuvik, North-West Territories.

From 6 p.m. to 7p.m. Clara will be joined by the community champion of this stop, Mr. John Stuart Jr. and hundreds of fans in a community feast and conference. Mr. Stuart Jr. is the Director of the Inuvik Youth Center. However, the conference itself will be s held at the Midnight Sun Recreation Complex. I find this name slightly comical yet fitting as in the Northern parts of Canada there are often 24 hours periods of sunshine which I do not experience in southern Ontario.

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