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Journal Notes

WOW, What a great surprise when I heard that my Good friend Kevin McCarthy had professionally recorded his first song.

This is what we call Living Alpha, and what we mean by Dream It… Live It… Preserve It!!!

Start with a Dream and then keep Living It forward step by step. He is a true inspiration to everyone and especially to those interested in music.

This said, I just have to Preserve his first song and message. The lyrics for this song “Ride the Wind” falls into the adventure/fantasy category. Imagine as you listen, that you can fly… and you're taking a trip across the country.

Here is his message to some of his family and friends, which I wanted to share as he requested:

“Dear family and friends,

Well it finally I happened. I got my first song professionally recorded (see attachment).

As some of you may know, about four and a half years ago I decided I wanted to learn how to play guitar. In the first year I taught myself music theory and did my first band workshop (and performed in a local club in San Francisco). The following couple of years I played in various iterations of a cover band, and about a year and a half ago I started writing some songs (both lyrics and music). Much to my surprise stuff came pouring out of my little noodle and I ended up writing about 40 songs to date. I tried to form my own band but the logistics of people’s schedules just became too daunting to manage, which brings us to today.

My beloved Carla has been encouraging me for a while to get my songs professionally recorded and so in the past few weeks that is what happened..... so here is the first song for your listening pleasure (hopefully). For those who are curious, I am lead singer, and playing the rhythm guitar fills and the guitar solos on the song. The other instruments and harmonies are done professionally.

It is my hope that you will all forward this on to friends, family, colleagues, pets :) - or to anyone who will listen - as that will be the only practical way for me to get these songs out in the world.

Even if you don’t like this song, you may like one of the next songs as I have many different influences in my music (rock, funk, jazz, island beat, blues, ballads etc.). Also my lyrics cover a number of topics from adventure, fantasy, social commentary, parody, plain ole funny, existential, songs of the heart, and life experiences …. to name a few. So hopefully somewhere in the upcoming song mix there will be at least one song that resonates with you.

The lyrics for this song “Ride the Wind” falls into the adventure/fantasy category. Imagine as you listen, that you can fly… and you're taking a trip across the country. The next song we will be recording is called “Masquerade”. The lyrics are about people at a masquerade party dressed as characters both historical and fictional.

The plan right now is to record about one song every 3 or 4 weeks…. which means a roll out over the next few years. Eventually I will have a website with all my songs posted… but I don’t have it built yet.

In the meantime if anyone would like to receive new song releases please send me an e-mail at (or just reply if you received this directly from me). I don’t want to send things out to people unless they would like me to, so please e-mail if you’re interested.

Finally I want to thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this missive and to listen to my song. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,


P.S. The fidelity on this song is pretty good, so for maximum listening pleasure I would suggest that you listen to it with high-quality ear-buds, headphones or stereo speakers.”

San Francisco, CA

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