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Journal Notes

I love this new site that I found where we are encouraged to put into writing "Dream it... Live it... Preserve it!!!" Here is how I imagine a look inside the life of Clara Hughes, LivingAlpha style.

Dream it ... Clara must have started out with a dream to succeed BIG. She kept going for fun, and has the determination to be a champion. When the pressure is on in competition, what does she literally do? She glides while skating. In both skating and cycling she has the endurance to keep GO GO GOing.

Live it ... You know she is a great athlete and Olympian. What about the Clara starting out on her athletic journey? Pre-Olympian? I bet she would start out determined to succeed, gained some traction, and like most lose some confidence on the way up the first hill, then like a machine keep going. Power up to the big peak and work very hard with a burst of energy to the finish. Clara is a clearly a great finisher. She must work hardest near the finish line, gasping for breath, trying to hold it together, firing with everything she has like a rocket going into orbit.

Preserve it! Clara has the medals, trophies, and photos of her many successes.
What does she do with it? She uses her legacy, publicity and success in service for youth at risk, and as a leader for women in sport. She is using the best of her to help you and me see mental health differently, in a better way.

What are the attributes that contribute to your sports success and dreams? What do you need to put together to shine like Clara the Olympian?

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Pedro Pedro

It's amazing... Thanks Corey

Emilie Emilie

Great post Corey, love it!