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Moncton, a Special Last Stop for Clara Hughes in New-Brunswick – Does she have a surprise planned? by

Journal Notes

Just like she did back in Sarnia, Ontario, Clara Hughes is making a special stop in Moncton, New-Brunswick on April 10th. It is special in that she does not have any special events planned on the agenda for that night after the greeting event planned at the BMO bank, 633 Main, Moncton, NB.

Since we do not see any particular plans after her greeting event at 5 p.m., Clara Hughes may get to explore the town. She will be arriving just before dinner time and will probably stop at one of Moncton’s popular restaurants in the downtown core. These fine dining options include Bistro 33, The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse, Senses Gourmet, Red Satay Grille Rouge and many others. Who knows she may just surprise us with the visit of a few old friends that she met when she was there back in previous visits. I look forward to hearing more.

The city of Moncton has just fewer than 70,000 citizens over a surface area of approximately 120 kilometers squared. This city has several attractions, and Clara Hughes does not have enough time to visit them all, however, we know she has visited the city before and has probably seen all of the amazing things Moncton has to offer.

The city’s attractions include the Crystal Palace Amusement Park, the Magic Mountain Waterpark, the Tidal Bore, the Magnetic Kill and MK Zoo, the Irving Eco Center, the Moncton Stadium and many more. Clara has visited the vast majority of these attractions she has also made some friends along the way. As mentioned earlier, I presume that Clara will be meeting up with a lot of these friends during her short stop in this beautiful metropolis.

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