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My Final Reflection Looking back on Clara's Hughes’ Big Ride by

Journal Notes

It has been a total honour to virtually follow Clara Hughes and her Bell Let's Talk Team or cycling champions over the 12,000 kilometres across and around Canada.

When I first started following her, I was driven with a lot of energy, I think I got this energy from my personality but also from Clara's inspiring message and way of life. Starting up, it seemed like the Big Ride would last forever and that it would feel so long. All good things unfortunately come to end and the Big Ride was no exception. In fact, it feels like just yesterday that Clara left Toronto. Or that she arrived in the Maritimes. Or that I was literally shivering when documenting Clara's subzero weather experiences up in Northern Canada.

Although I have never met with Clara and only spoke to her over a few tweets that she followed, I feel very close to the athlete and am so proud of what she has accomplished. The 12,000 bike ride is one thing, and kudos to her for that, but taking all the extra un-scheduled time and making and effort to meet with as many fans as possible really shined through in Clara's journey.

This project taught me a lot and I am so appreciative of having been able to work on it with my very own team of champions. Thank you. I am not sure what I will be doing next in the writing world but this project has left me hungry for new things and given me new ambitions.

I have recently applied to a cross Canada cycling challenge for young adults that I will be taking part in next year. I can thank Clara for that new goal. Writing wise, it will be difficult to find another project like this that I will love as much but I'm excited for what's ahead.

Good luck in the future Clara, you are amazing. One day, I really hope to meet you!

In the meantime, may you all Dream Big and Dream Often as Alpha likes to say?

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