My First Time Kite Surfing in Boracay, Philippines by

Journal Notes

I'd been wanting to learn how to kite surf for several years and now a dream was coming true the third day I was in Boracay, the Philippines.
I told my teacher that this was my last day here and I needed to learn as much as I could. He said a 3 hour lesson is about all people can handle before they get too tired so I let him know I was keen, paid my $150 and he set me up with all the gear. We set up on the beach and I was taken through all the basics of setting up a kite, attaching ropes and holding the handles, then we launched the kite and I was given control !
Even just flying a kite was great fun and the amount of wind power behind it was amazing. My instructor moved us out into the water to do all the drills figure 8's, body dragging and basic control. I was told I was doing well and it was time to try and jump on the board. This is where I sucked.
Each time I tried to mount the board and fly the kite simultaneously I would face plant the water with an almighty slap.
Try after try I slowly got a little better, staying on for a second longer each time, then failing miserably after that. Each time I hit the water I got a mouthful of sea water and massive slap on my stomach but I was still having fun.
After 45 minutes of trying, getting very frustrated and only slightly succeeding my lesson was over.
I'd finally done it. I managed to mount the board even if only for a few seconds so a dream had been achieved. Definitely a great memory to have of the Philippines and a sport I'd love to take up when I go home to Australia.

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