Northwest Broward Business Partner and Community Expo by

Journal Notes

Tonight we were at Margate Middle School to participate in The Northwest Broward Business Partner and Community Expo!!

They counted nearly 600 people coming through their doors during the 3 hours from 13 different cities to learn about our products and services.

This doesn't include the 150 vendors from those areas and the 50 volunteers they had helping that night. There were a few Mayors and 2 School Board Members that attended along with several other important people as well as the Media.

Overall, we found it to be a great experience and one we will definitely consider doing again.

Considering that this was their first such event, we are sure that some lessons, some great feedback and expectations from the district will make it that it is not their last.

We will hopefully see you again at that time.

Cloudy Night
Margate Middle School

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