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Nothing can stop Clara Hughes travelling towards St. Thomas by

Journal Notes

Clear pavement and sunny skies, another beautiful day for Clara! However, traveling westward, Clara knew this morning that she was going to be facing headwinds. On social networks, early in the morning, Clara wrote: In Hamilton, then 153 km to go to St. Thomas ... West means headwinds! But the athlete will not be stopped by these bad conditions. So far, I think she was very lucky with the weather. And yet again, as for the trip from Toronto to Hamilton, Clara travelled faster than expected and had time to stop and talk with fans and take a long break for lunch with her husband and the rest of the team.

Along the way, she met a young teenager living in the suburbs of Hamilton. This young boy does over 30 hours of community service per week. To put this into perspective, to graduate from high school in Ontario, a student must complete 40 hours community during his or her four years of education. This young man is an inspiration to all and is now being featured on the media page of Clara Hughes. Also on the media page, Clara takes photos during her travels and records short videos that calls out to her fans and ask those questions. Today she uploaded a video on the 5 things that she could not live without during the tour:

1. Her GPS watch and other electronic Samsung devices
2. Hair styling tools
3. High heels
4. A beautiful dress
5. Muscle massage roller (she nicknames it her muscle torturing tool).

So what five things would you make sure to bring before embarking on a journey of this magnitude?

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