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Olympics Champion Clara Hughes Stopped in Halifax, Nova Scotia by

Journal Notes

Just like her last stop in Truro, our Olympics Champion Clara Hughes did not have a special greeting event planned for her stop in the capital city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Keeping this in mind and reflecting back on her Truro stop, Clara was still greeted by a huge amount of cheering fans waiting for the skating and cycling star to arrive in the city on April 15th.

She travelled 106 kilometers to greet these screaming fans and spent a lot of time with them. Clara Hughes was able to talk to hundreds of fans and took advantage of the plus twelve degree weather to soak up some sun on the Halifax streets with the locals. A few hours later, Clara got a chance to meet with the Nova Scotia Premier, Mr. McNeil, who signed her Big Ride road map in support of the cause to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.

After saying goodbye to the Premier and his cabinet along with other dignitaries, Clara made her way to meet with Starr Dobson to plan the night event. Clara Hughes was really excited to meet with this community champion for the city of Halifax and fellow advocate of mental health help and awareness.

The pair hosted their special event from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. which was titled “Let’s Keep Talking”. Even once her Big Ride across Canada is completed, Clara really wants people to keep talking about the cause and for all her community champions, just like Starr Dobson, to continue with all their good work!

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