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On Day 7, Clara Bikes Another 102 KM on a Snowy Day Getting to Kitchener! by

Journal Notes

On this blustery and snowy day, Clara travelled another 102 km just like she did on Day 6, and like on Day 6 in London, Clara was welcomed by a humongous crowd that awaited her at another store, this time being Zehrs.

The hundreds of fans that swooned upon her arrival included students, young children and adults alike. Throughout her tour, I am pleasantly surprised to see the large amounts of youth that support Clara, her team and her ambitions. Despite the snow, it was still a very nice day for the Big Ride Team with fairly warm temperatures for this time of year ranging from 6 to 10 degrees Celsius.

After several hours of photo ops, discussions and a very touching speech, Clara made her way around the city visiting several heavily travelled areas to meet up with even more fans. She then cycled on to the Grand River Hospital in the Bingemans Marshall Hall to get the party started at 5 p.m.

Angie Hill from KOOL FM Radio hosted the “Journey of Hope” celebration. Guests enjoyed pizza, hot dogs, popcorn and fruit all for free. They also got to experience a unique ensemble of various activities while being privileged by the presence of Clara Hughes throughout the night along with Trevor Bodogh. Trevor is a bicycle circus performer and public speaker.

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