Out With the Old, Into the New by

Journal Notes

While working at “The Plantation”, I moved to a place in Pompano to be closer to Boca. I started working less, so I was actually spending weekends and more time at my place. As time passed, I came to ABSOLUTLY HATE IT!!!! Then the management changed and my hate turned to disgust for the place, but I was trapped in a lease for another 10 months!!!!!!
But God had a plan!!
I started a new job (which I LOVE) and as a coinky dink, found a new place in an area of Ft La-De-Da-De that I <3 PLUS it’s right down the street from my job!! LIFE’S GOOD!!! Now to just unpack all these flippin’ boxes…

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Quien Quien

I wish I wasn't when I was moving all that stuff...

Jive Jive

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