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Peterborough, Ontario - A Visit for Clara - A City of Nostalgia for me! by

Journal Notes

Clara will visit the city of Peterborough, Ontario on March 22nd. This visit is very important to me, as I lived in this city for some time. I spent a month of my life in the residences of Trent University in Peterborough for a national science fair competition. I stayed in the Otonabee residence which is named after the river that runs alongside the University. That month was one of the most beautiful of my life. First of all, Trent University has a wonderful campus with several beautiful buildings. There is an abundance of trails and parks on the campus that is surrounded by forests and small mountains.

I also had the chance to visit several tourist attractions. The Peterborough zoo, for example, is nestled behind the huge Trent River with its 9 monstrous locks. The geyser of this city is also a magnificent spectacle. In addition, I was captivated by the essence of the art of the region that only features local artists and shows the range of talent that resides with its large variety of galleries.

For her Big Ride, Clara will stop in this city from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for her longest conference so far. Her speech will take place at the Mental Health Association of Peterborough on George Street. For a 110$ ticket, participants will enjoy a dinner made by the students of Fleming and a performance by “Art for Awareness” entitled “Erasing the Stigma”. After the presentation of the art forms and the dinner party, Clara Hughes will speak with the Community Champion to talk about her journey and the future they envision. The Community Champion for the City of Peterborough is Miss. Kerri Davies she is the Manager of Development at Canadian Mental Health Association HKPR.

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