Quien's Singature Eye by

Journal Notes

I'm asked all the time about my eye shadow. I actually was just playing around one day and came to love this particular look.

What You Need:
Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color - Violet Storm ($14)
Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color - Peacock Blue (Shimmer) ($7)
Mary Kay® Gel Eyeliner ($18)
Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara ($15)

What to Do:
1) Apply a layer of Violet Storm Cream Eye Color. There is no need to add a primer before. This particular line has built-in primer. I like to use my fingers for the cream shadows. Be sure that the layers on both eyes are even in color.

2) Add a layer of the Peacock Blue mineral shadow. And if you want to go darker, add a second. I would not recommend more than two.

3) Take your eyeliner and line the top lash. I personally like using the gel eyeliner because I feel like I can get the brush down in the lash line better, but that's just me. You can add liner to the bottom lash. I never do. However if you do, be sure to not enclose the eye completely. It will only make it look smaller. You want to go no more than 3/4 of the way in.

4) Add some mascara to complete the look and you are good to go!!

*Note: You may have to do a little cleaning up around your eye. Mineral eye shadow sometimes scatter....

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